Vertical Gardens

Modern interior- and architectural design strive to breach the boundaries between interior and exterior spaces by implementing the concept of ‘breaking of the box’. In comparison, a contemporary interior concept namely the implementation of ‘vertical gardens’ promotes a tranquil environment for living, by making use of the mystical power of vegetation as a wall covering.

A vertical garden does not only provide an aesthetical solution in the form of a wall finish, but also addresses various functional issues: These functional solutions include factors such as:

  • Creating a micro climate which enhances the thermal conditions of an interior;
  • Keeping CO² levels under control by releasing oxygen into the air; humidity and heat levels are also naturally controlled;
  • Provide insulation by creating an aircushion against external walls;
  • Absorb sunlight needed by plants in the process of photosynthesis;
  • Improve acoustical properties of interiors;

There are various factors to consider when designing a vertical garden these include.

  • Consider the type of plants which you will plant bi annual plant does not need to be replanted every season ;
  • Herbs can work well as a Vertical Garden but require full sunlight. A north facing wall of an courtyard can work well for this;
  • The Bloemfontein climate is dry compared to costal and tropical regions; ferns and other tropical plant could dry out quickly;
  • Various patent Vertical Wall systems are available on the market and most of the designs take watering into consideration. Watering is done from the top down with automated water culture systems minimizing daily maintenance. Top down watering reduce water consumption up to 1/7 of conventional horizontal gardens and water can be recirculated which save water in times of water scarcity;
  • Design layouts incorporating plants can make use of plants with different colour, texture and shaped leafs. Incorporate plans which produce flowers to add colour or cent will make your Vertical Garden something unique.

Synthetic alternatives are also available as vertical wall finishes, it might not require any maintenance, but does serve as an alternative to natural plants because it does not offer all the other functional aspects of Vertical Gardens mentioned above.

With vertical gardens as an interior design element, it offers live finishes, it constantly changes through time and has endless creative design solutions.


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