Vertical Gardens

Modern interior- and architectural design strive to breach the boundaries between interior and exterior spaces by implementing the concept of ‘breaking of the box’. In comparison, a contemporary interior concept namely the implementation of ‘vertical gardens’ promotes a tranquil environment for living, by making use of the mystical power of vegetation as a wall covering.

Space heating solutions as interior design features

Low winter temperatures will soon start to bite. The ability for humans to adapt to their environment is amazing; we are quick to complain about the summer heat, but before you know it, the winter catches up with us. The global energy crisis brought about a renewed consciousness around the cost of space heating. The

Home office

In today’s contemporary lifestyle it is often difficult to separate work from your private life. Our private lives contain various work related activities such as paying bills, schedule meetings as well as various other administrative tasks. Organisations expect employees to attend to certain tasks after hours. The eight-to-five workday is no longer the standard. The

Detailing of place: Personalising your surroundings

Here, we are looking at the importance of making your surroundings personal and special by focusing on the detailing of place. Hence, we are looking back at some elements in our contemporary lifestyles – the Modern Movement. It has extensively influenced interior design and architecture. The use of the word MODERN or CONTEMPORARY in today’s

Detailing of place: The Entrance

In the following article, we are going to look at the importance of making your surroundings personal and special by the detailing of place. To start off we focus on the entrance where visitors have their first impression arriving or leaving a place. The entrance is a space you need to go through and it

Kitchen Design

This article will look at a few design principles when redesigning your kitchen and refer to some of the latest trends in contemporary kitchen design. From primitive times the hearth was used for heating and cooking purposes. The hearth formed the centre of the house where socializing took place. Today, it is still true that

Upgrading the boundary wall

The following is often seen in a large portion of society regarding self-conception; there exists a parallel between the car you drive and the way that you want other people to see yourself. On the other hand, there will be a parallel between the house where you reside in and the way that you see

An alternate approach to office interior layout

The modernist idea of an open-plan office layout no longer serves as a solution to effectively solve the challenges for a contemporary commercial office environment. This article will take a brief look at these challenges and strive to identify alterative solutions that can be implemented today to create a comfortable work environment that will ultimately

Energy Efficiency

WINDOW TREATMENTS AND THEIR APPLICATION TOWARDS ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT The first addition of SANS 204 was anticipated for a long time; it used to be a voluntary standard and became written into law applicable as of 11 November 2011. In brief, the objective of the SANS 204 energy efficiency provisions is to

Tackling that renovation project

A new renovation project always starts with a list of questions because of all the uncertainties at the beginning the project. Where will you start? How long will it take? How much will it cost? Will I recover the capital that I invest in my renovation project when I sell my property? How will it